~ On Your Son's Birthday ~

It’s the birthday of your son,
yet you cry such bitter tears.
Your son was taken from you;
to you it feels like years.

He was such a loving child;
you never thought 't would be,
That he would die before you
and leave your heart to grieve.

I wish that I could take away
the sorrow and the pain.
But I can only tell you now
you will see him again.

He’s standing right beside you
he’s whispering in your ear,
Close your eyes and listen,
and I know you will hear;

The warbling of a songbird,
the wind up in the trees,
The barking of a puppy
the singing of the bees.

It’s heaven’s way of saying
please do not despair,
Your son is waiting for you
he’s holding all your tears.

And though it seems forever
he’s just a breath away,
A heartbeat in eternity,
you'll walk with him someday.


© 2005 Forrest Phelps-Cook

My angel son, I miss you so much, its seems to get harder each day.
I don't understand why you were called, why it was you that had to go away.
I know that the place where you now dwell is beautiful with gates of pearl and streets of gold,
But the hurt and pain of losing you is so horrendous, how I long to see you, to hug and hold.
I know that you now live with Jesus and angels surrounds you up there.
I know that you are now an angel too , please remember how much I care.

I will always love and miss you, the pain will remain in my heart,
Until that day I join you there, when we never again will ever have to part.
The tears will continue to flow, the pain in my heart will never leave,
I know that you are with Jesus, With all my being I believe.

Your 21st birthday is in heaven, oh all the plans I had for this special day, plans been made since your birth,
Never thinking that you would be called home so soon, that this day wouldn't be celebrated on earth.
I thank God for giving you to me for awhile, for choosing me as your Mom, oh what a wonderful son you are and I have such sweet memories.
These memories will remain in my heart forever, so sweet, filling my mind throughout eternity.

Have a great birthday, my son, catch all the kisses I send,
Sent to you with all of my love, carried by the wind.
I will never say good-by, just I'll see you some sweet day,
What a wonderful day this will be, so many things I want to say.

Until that day, my beautiful child, I will carry you inside my heart, always knowing you are here with me,
I'll meet you by the Jordan River, on the shores of that crystal blue sea.
Love you forever, Mom

Wrote with love for Dustin and his Mom, Angie, by Dj French, Shane's Mom 8/9/07

Thank you DJ and angel Shane for the beautiful poem and gifts


Thank you Carol and angel Michael


Thank you Diane and angel Billy


Thank you Karen and angel Geoff


Thank you Lynn and angel Ken


Thank you Judi and angel Andrew


Thank you Beth and angel Hayes


I see you many times in my dreams
My most precious child
I have you always on my mind
Well, that's the way it seems

Today is an extra special day
It's the day your were born to us
You were the most beautiful child
God's gift to us

I still remember the twinkle in your little eyes
And that cute little baby smile
Your new life gave us life
Oh you were such a prize

Though now that you are gone
We will never ever forget you
You're still very much part of our lives
We make this wish to you

Happy Birthday Our Dearest Child

Thank you Linda and Angel Tina for the beautiful gift and poem


My ANGEL, My Son
Your Birthday is again here
What am I suppose to do
When I don't feel you near

I am with you Mom always
In everything you say and do
Though you can't see or hear me
So please for me, don't be down and blue

Every ANGEL has their own window
It is a star, look up Mom
One of them is mine
That day when OUR LORD
Calls you HOME
You will have one of your own
In time

Until then Mom, every day
To see me in your heart
Look up
I will be watching over you
And I will protect you too

Written By
Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom

Thank you so much Sue-Anne and Angel Lee
for the beautiful gift and poem


Thank you Ann and angel Jason


Thank you Reeny and angels Dustin and Becky


Thank you Carolyn and angel Trissie


Thank you Susie and angel Jason


Thank you Donna and angel Zachery


Thank you Christine and angel Deborah