In Loving Memory


Kayla Marie Walters

5/20/91 ~ 12/13/09


Julie Rae Walters

2/4/70 ~ 1/2/08

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If anyone has any pictures of Julie and Kayla together, please email them to me and I will post them on this page. Thank you.




Together Again

Mother and Daughter, together again,
Though on earth they could not stay;
How little we knew when our sweet Julie left,
That Kayla would soon go away.

We miss both of them so very much,
There's not a day that goes by,
When we don't think about them and wish they were here,
When we don't break down and cry.

But at least we know they're together again
And how happy they both must be;
Knowing they'll never be parted again
For all eternity.

We cannot know, down here on our earth,
How happy reunions must be,
How brilliant the smiles and how joyous the hugs,
When at first a loved one we see.

But we can imagine how happy they were,
When first each other they spied,
The joy they felt at meeting again,
And having each other beside.

So we'll plod on along on our paths here below,
Knowing that one sweet day,
We'll meet our loved ones in heaven above,
And together forever we'll stay.

Written for Julie and Kayla's family with love,
Saralyn McAfee SmithJanuary 2, 2010


We Meet Again

My darling daughter Kayla,
I have missed you so
I never thought it was my time to go.
I enjoyed all the times we got to spend together
It was a time I will cherish until forever.
Two years have gone by and I felt your fright
I'm sorry dear, I was not there in your life.

Who would have known you would now join me here,
I waited for you and prayed you could feel me near.
What a glorious reunion we shared in God's glory
It's as sweet and precious as any loving memory.
I taught you to be ready for the day Jesus calls
And to look up to Him when tragedy falls.

We meet once again, Mother and Daughter
Our love is entwined and it never will falter.
God promised us, we would again be together.
The happiness we will share here is like no other.
My arms will enfold you in a warm loving embrace
As I will be kissing your precious, sweet face.

Here I stand before you, oh how beautiful you are
As we prepare our journey together in eternity so far.
The joy we now will share, erases all the pain
For we can make new memories, our greatest gain.
Our loved ones we have left behind will one day join us
And we will smile down upon them, until we meet again.

©Linda Rice
January 3, 2010
Written in Memory of Julie and Kayla


May the winds of love blow softly,

And whisper so you'll hear,

We will always love and miss you

And wish that you were here.

Author Unknown

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