An Angel Pumpkin For Dustin


My son in heaven above
another halloween is drawing near

I remember so very well
the costumes and funny faces my dear

The trick or treat kids you always took around
To all the safe houses in this town

You always loved this time of year
As Thanksgivin' and Christmas are also near

I'll carve as always an angel pumpkin for us to light
To show our love for you on Halloween Night

I wish that we could all be where you are
And ride with you upon a star

But, alass that is not to be
Because you're in heaven you see

So the angel pumpkin will have to do
To show how much we love and miss you

I know that you are doing alright
When I see your shining star so bright

The night may be as black as a cat
But your angel pumpkin will be lit where you're at

So please watch over us this halloween
And keep us safe for the time being

Halloween 2003 ©
Reeny Angel Dustin's mom

Thank you Reeny for sharing the poem you wrote

in memory of your son Dustin.















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