Merry Christmas Dustin


Christmas in Heaven

December hasn't changed
This town looks the same
They still light their tree in the city square
There's red, white, and green shining everywhere
And I wish you were here
And I wonder......

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
I wonder..... what Christmas in Heaven is like

There's a little manger scene
Down on Third and Main
I must've walked right by it a thousand times
But I see it now in a different light
'Cause I know you are there

And I wonder......
Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now
Can you reach out and touch his face
Are you part of that glorious holy night
I wonder..... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
Oh I wonder.... What Christmas in Heaven is like

~ As sung by Sarah Schieber ~

Dustin ~ I miss you each and every day, but especially at Christmas time.

You will always be here in my heart.

Sending you all my love to the heavens.

I love you son ~ mom




The Pitter Pat of Feet At Christmas

Tonight I sit here in the dark

With only the Christmas tree lights on

Thinking back years to a time

Of hearing the pitter pat of feet in our home

I can see you lying on the floor

watching the lights on the tree blink

Kicking yout legs back and forth

Wishing it was time for dear old St. Nick

After a while you'd fall asleep on the floor

Thoughts of Santa and toys filling your mind

I'd take you to bed and kiss you goodnight

Cracking open your eyes, you'd ask if it was time

I no longer can hear the pitter pat of your feet

Your spending your Christmas in heaven each year

Sadly we will once more spend Christmas home alone

Watching the tree lights and wishing you were here

Doyle Alldredge

17 December 2011

An Angel's Christmas Wish

I looked through the clouds and what did I see,
The face of my mother, and her thoughts were of me.
He eyes filled with tears and her face looked so sad,
My wings fluttered softly and I felt so bad;
For I could do nothing to change how she felt,
Nor could I alter the hand fate had dealt.
My tears fell like raindrops, my heart felt so tight,
I lifted my face to heaven and told God of my plight,
For I can never be free just to fly,
As long as there's one lonely tear in your eye.
My years on earth were spent to please you,
And though what has happened was not my own choice,
The plan, my mother dear, came from a much higher voice.
As the birthday of our Savior and Lord draws so near,
I have a small plea I would like you to hear,
Remember me, Mom, with happiness and smiles,
And know when you do my soul will soar miles.
My wings will be light, and my heart will be free,
In the brightest sunshine is where you'.. see me.

~written by Sandy Siewers ~ written in memory of Cassandra Radke
~lovingly lifted from TCF Wabash Valley Chapter Newsletter - 1998


Thank you Ann


Thank you Carol


Thank you Christine


Thank you Donna


Thank you Kris


Thank you Linda


Thank you Saralyn


Thank you Susie