Dearest Dustin,

Christmas is coming,
I feel it in the air.
The tree is up, filled
with ornaments you
made with your small little
hands, The twinkley lights
are glowing, The star shining
on top.

Presents are piling up under
the tree, I think I see one with
my Dustin boys name on it.
I wonder what it is?

If you were here, you would
be shaking it and probably
taking a peak when no one
else was watching.

Christmas morning would come,
you'd empty your stocking,
have a bite of candy or two,
You'd rip open the presents,
one after another, getting
all the stuff you asked Santa for.

But......that Christmas morning
won't come, your spending
Christmas in Heaven.

I hope your here still, in spirit,
watching momma and Tray and Kevin too,
Is all I want for Christmas, is to find you,
Under the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas Dustin, my sweet boy.
I miss you during this Christmas time and always.
I love you to the moon and back and beyond.

Christmas 2008

Dustin's Christmas Gifts

Thank you Ann and angel Jason


Thank you Beth and angel Hayes


Thank you Carol and angel Michael


Thank you Christine and angel Deborah


Thank you Deanna and angels Jason, Lisa and Daniel


Thank you Debbie and angel Jakob


Thank you Diane and angel Billy


Thank you DJ and angel Shane


Thank you Donna and angels Corey and Michelle


Thank you Donna and angel Zachary


Thank you Judi and angel Andrew


Thank you Judy and angels Bobbi Jo and Ariauna


Thank you Judy and angel Heidi


Thank you Kris and angel Bradley


Thank you Linda and angel Grant


Thank you Linda and angel Tina


Thank you Lori and angel Steven


Thank you Lynn and angel Ken


Thank you Monika and angel Joshua


Thank you Nica and angel Kerri


Thank you Patti and angel Dustin


Thank you Polly and angel Jessica


Thank you Reeny and angels Dustin and Becky


Thank you Rose and angel Leo


Thank you Saralyn and angel Robbie


Thank you Shirley and angel Laurie


Thank you Sue-Anne and angel Lee


Thank you Susie and angel Jason


Thank you Tammy and angel Tyler

I love you Dustin ~ from mom