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This web page is dedicated to Tray in memory of his brother Dustin.

Dustin was five years old when his brother Tray came into his life. I remember the day I had Tray and how proud Dustin was to get to hold his little brother. Dustin's grandma brought him to the hospital to see me and this little bundle that would change his life. Grandma let Dustin dress himself that day - I remember so clearly Dustin walking into my hospital room - shorts, tank top and cowboy boots!! I knew then that I would have my work cut out for me.

Dustin was jealous of this new baby, as he took up so much of mom's time. But Dustin loved him and loved to help momma "take care" of him.

Over the years, there were more fights and bickering than I would have ever imagined, but I always knew how much they loved each other. Dustin loved to pick on his little brother, but of course would not let anyone else.

I have many memories of Dustin and Tray, but have several that seem to stick out above the rest.
I remember Dustin pushing Tray around in his cozy coupe car inside of our apartment. (I could never get the marks off the floor.) Tray would prop his feet up by the steering wheel and hold on for dear life. I remember the day Dustin dared Tray to stick his tongue to a pole outside when it was snowing (yeah their favorite show at the time was "A Christmas Story"), they found out that it really does stick. I remember when we moved to our new house, Tray was around 3 and Dustin was about 8. Tray was scared to sleep in his new room, so Dustin let us put Tray's little toddler bed in his room. They slept like that for several years.

These two boys have always been my life. I love them both more than anything in the world. I pray Dustin is looking out for his little brother and protecting him. I pray that Tray will always remember the sweet memories of his brother that touched all of our lives so greatly.










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