The only time I am really ever happy
is when I'm around that special someone.
Even thought we might not ever go out on a date,
or ever kiss just one peck on the cheek.
I know I still love him because being around him
will always make me happy even if I' m having the worst day.
He will always make me laugh when I'm mad,
and always make me think about him when he's not around.
Everything about him brightens the day, and even though he's not around
I can still see the glimmer of his face when I think about his smile.
When you smile back at him he never sees the real meaning behind the smile
because you never tell him, and even though it hurts not knowing
if he feels the same way.
You go on living your life
without ever knowing...Day after Day!
The only true time you know if he feels the same way
is when the day comes that you get the courage to ask him,
and sometimes that day may never come.
Yet again, the feeling could fade away.
But if it is true love then you will know because
the feeling you feel when you are around that special someone
never grows weak, and will never fade away!
If you love that special someone, and can't stand to be without them
then you should tell them because one day they might not be here anymore,
and you may never see them again.
If so you can never really before sure if this special someone
loved you as much as you loved them.
Yet life goes on, and still you have that burning in your heart
because your love for them still hurts, and knowing that you will never
be able to know if their love was for you makes it hurt even worse.
So my advice to everyone that reads this poem is tell that special someone
that you love them, and even if your not sure then take a chance because
someday they might be gone, and you will never
have a chance to tell them that you loved them!
Remembering Dustin Glen Hamilton Always & Forever!
I Will Always Love You ~
Bria Janae Allen