The nights are short, The days are long,
But life must still go on.
I will cherish the times we had together,
and keep them in my heart forever.
We had some good times even some bad,
I can remember making each other mad.
I wish we would have had more time together,
But always remember I'll be here forever.
When you need me I'll be here,
you will not see me but I'll be near.
Just close your eyes and picture me,
That's when I'm holding you can't you see.
When you need me to talk to,
Just sit down I'm always right above you.
I may be listening from way up high,
but I'll always here ever whisper and every cry.
I know my face and laughter is gone,
But my memories and sprit will live on.
I know this isn't how we wanted it to be.
I'm sorry.
Written by
~ Kellie Hamlin - Chillicothe, Ohio ~