Missing you still…..

Missing you still, 7 years later,
I wonder what you're doing,
So far away from here.

Are you playing endless games
Of golf and making every hole?
Are you fishing and catching
The biggest fish of them all?

Are you collecting seashells on
The beaches, like you always
Dreamed of doing?
Are you counting the windmills,
Like we always did before?

Are you watching Dale Earnhardt
Race around the track? Maybe you're
Even part of his pit crew now?

Do you watch the Chiefs from
You're seat up above? Maybe you're
Even out on the field with them?

Whatever you're doing, so far away
From here, you are never far
From my thoughts and always
In my heart.

Someday we'll be together again
And do all the things we always
Did and wanted to do.
Until then……..
You are always here in my heart.

I miss you today, like I did yesterday,
And all the days before that,
I'll miss you tomorrow and
Every day after until
I see your beautiful face again.

I love you and miss you Dustin
More and more every day.

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