Happy 24th Birthday



A Special Birthday Memory

You were always full of hope
and gave all your love.
I know your in God's hands,
the father up above.

Inside me is where you live,
in a special place.
When I need some cheering up,
I see your smiling face.

Though I may not hear you laugh
or hold your hand today.
I cherish every moment that
you gave me everyday.

When times get tough
and I feel I can't go on.
I know that you would tell
me just be strong, Mom.

Your life may have ended
before your time.
But I know God has helped me
by letting your memory shine.

The comfort I have today is
knowing that you are free.
It's just really hard to let go of
what use to be.

You enriched my life
more than I can ever say.
That is why I remember it's
your birthday today.

As I smile and sing
Happy Birthday to you!
In my heart I remember
all the memories too.

And when the time comes for
us to see each other again.
I know you'll be there waiting
to show me the way in.

By Kathy Foley


My dear Dustin,

24 years ago today, you came into my life and changed it forever. I remember the birthdays we celebrated, the birthday cakes, balloons and of course the presents you opened with your little hands. Who would of known that we would only get to spend 14 birthdays together. I miss you and love you more than anyone can imagine. Someday we will once again celebrate together.

You will forever be in my heart. All my love, mom

Thank you Linda and angel Tina


Thank you Carol and angel Michael


Thank you Saralyn and angel Robbie


Thank you Elena and angel Dennis


Thank you Susie and angel Jason



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