Happy 23rd Birthday


Birthday In Heaven

I'm celebrating my birthday in heaven today

I know you all wish I was there today

The angels sang happy birthday to me

Oh what a site to see

They even gave a gift to me

A very special gift you see

It was flown in by a beautiful white dove

It was a box filled with all your love

Be Happy for me if you can

Always remember I'll always be your little man

I know my birthdays will be hard for you

Remember this, I'm always close to you

Doyle Alldredge


Dustin's Gifts

Thank you Ann and angel Jason


Thank you Beth and angel Hayes


Thank you Carol and angel Michael


Thank you Christine and angel Deborah


Thank you Deanna and angels Jason, Daniel and Lisa


Thank you Diane and angel Billy


Thank you Donna and angels Corey and Michelle


Thank you Elena and angel Dennis


Thank you Linda and angel Tina


Thank you Patti and angel Dustin


Thank you Saralyn and angel Robbie


Thank you Susie and angel Jason